Monday, 19 September 2011

Now that I've dispensed with the pleasantries I'll get down to business. This blog is a mere conduit with which I shall reach out to those who share my views and have seen what I have seen. I have seen things beyond your imagination. I have seen things that have defied all logic and understanding. I have seen him. You know who I am talking about, because if you didn't why would you have been directed to this page by them. I'm no longer scared. I have accepted the inevitable. I know now that my days here are numbered and that my name is closer to the top than your own. This may well be the last of my posts, or it may be the first of many. Here I will document all availible knowledge on him. I will also attempt to seek out those of you who are like-minded, or those of you in need. I am your guardian angel, I will hold him off long enough for you to take the necessary precautions. I will die for you, but first you must embrace my help. I claim not to be a superman, I am human. I strive to be more, to be different, to be powerful. But power leads to terrible things. It leads to corruption, greed and death. I have sacrificed so much already, with nothing to lose, I can only confront this evil head on. So I send this message to any of you. To the downtrodden, I say cower no more. To the terrified, I say fear no more. To the enslaved, I say worship no more.
No More. 

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