Sunday, 25 September 2011


Whether or not I can help you will be decided in the coming months. But until then gentlemen, I am yours.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

A History

This information is of great value to many out there. It has all been collected by myself and I take full credit for inaccuracies and faults in the knowledge provided.

First known report of creature comes from the North Brazilian Serr de Capivara cave systems. These depict the creature leading the Shaman's child away by the hand. Upon closer inspection it is clear the drawings are smeared with a mixture of faecal matter and human blood. Furthur tests were inconclusive. Radiometric dating gives approximate date of paintings at 9000 years before Christ.

Next evidence found in Giza, amongst an archaeological dig lead by Zahi A. Hawass. A previously unheard of hieroglyphic language show the creature as having four, elongated arms. Translators on hand found it difficult to decipher much of the inscriptions, noting how most were unfinished and stopped part way through a symbol. Rough translations revealed stories of the ''Thief of the Gods'' and the creature. Guides said that the tomb the carvings were contained within was created during the reign of Pharaoh Wazner, giving a rough date of between 3000- 3100 years before Christ. Evidence found of damage to carving of creature, long knife-like gauges within the rock.

The most publicised of all appearances of the creature comes from the German woodcuttings depicting Der Ritter (The Knight) created by Hans Freckenberg. We discovered these pictures within Haltsberg Castle, bundled in paper. Only one note from Freckenberg was found with the woodcuts. On the front it read, ''Der Ritter'' the back, in an almost unintelligible scrawl it read, ''Ich befreie mich von diesem Gott verlassenen Ort. Der große Mann verfolgt mich, ich will nicht leben, um die Sonne aufgehen über diesen Burgmauern noch einmal zu sehen, aber mit diesen Stecklingen Ich überlasse Ihnen das Wissen, dass es existiert. Machen Sie nicht den gleichen Fehler wie ich.'' Among the belongings that Freckenberg abandoned we found the remains of another similar woodcutting, smashed to splinters. These are dated to roughly 1500 years after Christ.

Other examples of evidence found are either very remote in quantity or I believe them to be forgeries created in the late 20th century or the early 21st century.

More will follow.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Now that I've dispensed with the pleasantries I'll get down to business. This blog is a mere conduit with which I shall reach out to those who share my views and have seen what I have seen. I have seen things beyond your imagination. I have seen things that have defied all logic and understanding. I have seen him. You know who I am talking about, because if you didn't why would you have been directed to this page by them. I'm no longer scared. I have accepted the inevitable. I know now that my days here are numbered and that my name is closer to the top than your own. This may well be the last of my posts, or it may be the first of many. Here I will document all availible knowledge on him. I will also attempt to seek out those of you who are like-minded, or those of you in need. I am your guardian angel, I will hold him off long enough for you to take the necessary precautions. I will die for you, but first you must embrace my help. I claim not to be a superman, I am human. I strive to be more, to be different, to be powerful. But power leads to terrible things. It leads to corruption, greed and death. I have sacrificed so much already, with nothing to lose, I can only confront this evil head on. So I send this message to any of you. To the downtrodden, I say cower no more. To the terrified, I say fear no more. To the enslaved, I say worship no more.
No More.